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Endura Women's Lines Short Sleeve Cycling Jerse...
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Summer sunshine and summer cycling fitness deserve something special. And the Women's Lines Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey II brings the special to your ride. Firstly, the limited edition print is sure to attract admiring glances as you speed past. It's not just good looking though, the performance is also top-notch. Premium Italian fabrics feel great and they're quick to wick away sweat too, leaving you dry and fresh even during the most intense efforts. Endura have given the Cloud jersey their slim athletic fit. Skimming the body to ensure no flapping, you'll slip through the air with minimal drag to slow you down. Close-fitting Lycra® sleeves continue the aero theme, with silicone grippers keeping them securely in place. A lightweight elastic hem keeps the jersey flush to your shorts, maintaining your sleek profile.

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