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Lefties Soul Connection - Skimming the Skum
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Bhutan 8-Day Private Sightseeing Tour from Paro...
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‘Best of Bhutan’ is an exclusive offering from Bhutan Travel Club – a customised trip designed to give you an unparalleled insight into Bhutan and its culture, nature its people and the Bhutanese way of life- All in a comfortable time of 8 nights. On this tour we invite you to feel the soul of Bhutan as opposed to just skimming through attractions. Starts with the capital city of Thimphu, easy hiking exploration in the valleys Punakha with the most beautiful fortress and valley of Punakha, then to the idyllic valley of Phobjikha and finally to Paro to visit the iconic Tiger’s nest; - every stop is laden with attractions that will enliven you senses and will leave you with an indelible feeling of being transported back in time. Our most valuable asset is our tour guides and field personnel who’ve been working with us for a long time and understand our company’s core values. This trip has very less driving times, with maximum exploration time to make the most of your holiday.

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